Minimoog Model-D Keyboard Replacement Kit

Electronic & firmware by

The complete plug & play kit is available @ the estimated price is € 850,- plus shipping.

1. Polyphonic FATAR Premium Keyboard TP/9S with 44 keys, Velocity and AfterTouch

FATAR Minimoog Premium Keyboard  TP/9S

2. Plug & Play analog processor module for FATAR Keyboards

3. MIDI-I/O and Sustain Pedal connector panel

No drills are needed!
Just mount the panel within the Minimoog‘s cable lead-through opening behind the Wheel block.

4. Main Controls

Minimoog cable lead-through opening, behind the wheels
CV1 Note CV from Kbd & MIDI
CV2 VCF or VCA from MIDI cc#7
Gate from Kbd & MIDI
Pedal to MIDI cc#64
Pressure Kbd to MIDI
Velocity Kbd to MIDI
LFO1 to CV1 MIDI controlled (see MIDI implementation chart)
LFO2 to CV2 MIDI controlled (see MIDI implementation chart)


Minimoog Keyboard Wiring

FATAR TP/9S with micromatch 20 connector

FATAR micromatch 20

FATAR TP/9S with Plug & Play minimoog keyboard processor

MIDI implementation chart

all cc#, marked with  pf , provides Parameter-Feedback for external MIDI controller devices

Play controls

cc# 1: Modulation   0..127 LFO1 AMT  
cc# 2: Breath Control   0..127 LFO2 AMT  
cc# 7: Volume Control   0..127 CV2  
cc# 123: All Notes Off        

Modulation controls

cc# 76:  pf  LFO1_FREQ   0..127 (0.8..10Hz) default=63
cc# 77:  pf  MOD1_AMT   0..127 maxim LFO1 amount default=63
cc# 78:  pf  LFO1_WAVE   0..4 Sine,Tri,Saw,Ramp,Square default=0
cc# 91:  pf  LFO2_FREQ   0..127 (0.2..10Hz) default=63
cc# 92:  pf  MOD2_AMT   0..127 maxim LFO2 amount default=63
cc# 93:  pf  LFO2_WAVE   0..4 Sine,Tri,Saw,Ramp,Square default=0

Global settings

cc# 90:  pf  VelocityControl   0 >63 MIDI In Vel. to CV2 on/off default=0
cc# 107:  pf  PitchRate   0..12 half tones default=2
cc# 110:  pf  Trigger   0..1 single/multi default=0
cc# 111:  pf  Priority   1..3 lowest, highest, last default=1
cc# 115:  pf  Gate_Time   0..120 2..32ms >120 = Sustain default=127
cc# 126:  pf  TX_CHANNEL   0..16 where 0 = No MIDI OUT default=1
cc# 127:  pf  RX_CHANNEL   0..16 where 0 = OMNI MODE default=0

Mode control

cc# 112:  pf  MODE   0..5 Kbd, Arp, Phrase, Seq-Play, -Edit, -Create  default=0

Sequence storage control

cc# 87: LoadSequence   >63 from non volatile memory  
cc# 88: SaveSequence   >63 to non volatile memory  

Sequencer functions in Edit and Create mode

cc# 20: PAUSE NOTE   >63 PAUSE instead of Note  
cc# 21: UNDO last step   >63 decrease seq length  
cc# 22: FIRST position   >63 goto 1st sequence position  
cc# 23: REDO last step   >63 increase seq Length  
cc# 24: STEP DOWN   >63 go one step back  
cc# 25: STEP UP   >63 go one step ahead  
cc# 26: REPLACE   >63 replace by playing a note  
cc# 27: LAST position   >63 goto last sequence position  
cc# 28: INSERT   >63 insert by playing a note  
cc# 29: DELETE   >63 delete current event  
cc# 30: DIAL   0..seq-size dial through the sequence  

Play controls (Arpeggiator, Phraser, Sequencer)

cc# 114:  pf  Clock_Rate   0..127 84..200 BPM default=63
cc# 106:  pf  MIDI-SyncEnable   >63 enable/disable default=127
cc# 116:  pf  MIDI-Sync_Delay   0..127 +/- 1/2 SyncRate default=0
cc# 117:  pf  MIDI-Sync_Rate   0…8 48,32,24,16,12,8,6,4,3 default=6
cc# 119:  pf  MIDI-Out   0..1 enable/disable default=0

Play controls (Arpeggiator, Phraser)

cc# 108:  pf  Direction   1..3 up, down, both default=1
cc# 109:  pf  Octaves   1..3 octaves default=1