mLab Rotary Encoder Module


Rotary Encoder Module RM328

REM328 is an universal Encoder module with an ATMEGA 328/16MHz on board.
It comes with an Arduino bootloader, so it's very easy to upload up your own Sketch via FTDI or ISP.

All parts are surface mounted on the solder side.

The component side has through hole solder pads

  1. for an EN11 or EN12 rotary encoder with push switch.
  2. for a plug in place OLED or RGB TFT display.

Successfully tested and SPI Displays are

This encoder module has several interfaces on board : ISP, SPI, FTDI, SERIAL I/O and 13 GPIOs.
(8 Analog Inputs, 3 PWM Outputs and 2 Digital I/O)

GPIO Pinout:
  1. GND
  2. D4
  3. D5
  4. D7
  5. D9
  6. D10
  7. A0
  8. A1
  9. A2
  10. A3
  11. A4
  12. A5
  13. A6
  14. A7
ISP/SPI Pinout:
  1. MISO
  2. VCC
  3. SCK
  4. MOSI
  5. RESET
  6. GND

FTDI Pinout:

  1. DTR
  2. TX RX
  3. VCC
  4. GND
Display Pinout
  1. GND
  2. VDD
  3. SCK
  4. SDA
  5. RES
  6. DC
  7. CS
  8. BLK

Neopixel LED Ring

Neopixel LED Ring

The optional Neopixel piggyback ´╗┐LED RING PCB has a mounting hole for the encoder.
However, you can use any other Neopixel LED chain instead, by wiring the DO output to the next Neopixel DI input.