mLab EncoderModule REM328

Rotary Encoder Module RM328

This encoder module has all interfaces on board: ISP, SPI, FTDI, SERIAL I/O, MIDI and 13 free general purpose GPIOs (8 Analog Inputs, 3 PWM Outputs, 2 Digital I/Os)

It can be used to control everything you can imagine. e.g. MIDI, OSC, DMX,. It has an ATMEGA 328 with 16MHz on board and comes with an Arduino bootloader. So it's very easy to load up your own Scetch via FTDI or ISP. The optional ´╗┐LED RING PCB has a mounting hole for the encoder.. But you can use any Neopixel LED chain instead, e.g. with an external Neopixel LED RING. You can chain Neopixel LEDs, by wiring the DO output to the next Neopixel chain.

GPIO Pinout:
  1. GND
  2. D4
  3. D5
  4. D7
  5. D9
  6. D10
  7. A0
  8. A1
  9. A2
  10. A3
  11. A4
  12. A5
  13. A6
  14. A7
ISP/SPI Pinout:
  1. MISO
  2. VCC
  3. SCK
  4. MOSI
  5. RESET
  6. GND

FTDI Pinout:

  1. DTR
  2. TX RX
  3. VCC
  4. GND