OB-SX decals for the BCR2000

Made in the UK by Advanced Graphics Ltd, Lexton Drive, Southport, PR9 8QN, England, United Kingdom

BCR2000 decals

Thanks to Chris, a customer of our magicBox, who designed these decals for the BCR2000. Two different OB-SX MIDIcontrol overlays, spectively decals are available.

    1. The Oberheim blue striped version (latest OB-SX design)

    2. The Oberheim vintage grey version (classic OB-SX style)

Both of them have exactly the same encoder and switch assignment. It's your choice which one you prefer to stick onto your BCR.

To purchase a decal, please contact Chris by Email

HOW to setup your BCR2000 for these decal layouts

    1. To avoid MIDI loops, set the BCR global setting to S-3 by pressing EDIT & STORE together. Then dial the upper, most left encoder, until the display shows S-3,
      and press the EXIT button.

    2. Check if your BCR has the right SysEx ID.
      Hold down the EDIT BUTTON and press STORE.
      Then dial the 5th encoder of the upper row, until the display shows ID 1
      and press EXIT to quit.

Now send this SysEx file to the BCR2000

The BCR buffers incoming data in a temporary area. Before you can use them, you must store them in one of the 32 BCR presets.
To do so,
press the STORE button, (the store LED should blink)

Use the curser buttons to choose a preset location and press STORE again.